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Type of process Primary SurveyStatistical CompilationInformative system
 Legenda for processes: [S] Primary Survey [C] Statistical Compilation [I] Informative system 
Status: Active - Temporary suspended - Ceased 
Number of selected processes: 0     
Number of processes: 444   
  [C] –  Intercensal register population estimates
  [C] – Absolute poverty
  [C] – Acquisitions of citizenship
  [S] – Administrative dispute resolution proceedings - Tar (Regional administrative court)
  [C] – Administrative dispute resolution proceedings at the Court of Accounts
  [S] – Adoption applications
  [S] – Adult Education Survey (AES)
  [C] – Aggregati economici per ripartizione geografica
  [I] – Agriculture and livestock
  [C] – Agri-food industry budget
  [C] – Air Emissions Accounts
  [S] – Air transport
  [C] – Annual register on earnings, hours and labour cost for jobs and enterprises
  [S] – Anthropic pressure and natural risks
  [C] – Audio and audiovisuals
  [C] – Balance of detainees and inmates in detention institutions
  [S] – Balance sheet of public and private bodies/institutions
  [C] – Banks and monetary and financial market
  [C] – Base Register on Individuals and Households
  [S] – Business confidence survey in Construction
  [S] – Business confidence survey in retail trade
  [S] – Business confidence survey in Services
  [S] – Business confidence survey in the manufacturing sector
  [C] – Business Demography and Entrepreneurship Indicators
  [C] – Calculation of changes in stocks
  [S] – Capacity of collective accommodation establishments
  [S] – Census of non-profit institutions and enterprises as of 31 December 1999
  [S] – Census of short university courses graduates
  [S] – Census of University graduates
  [S] – Centralized consumer price survey
  [S] – Certificates of balance sheet accounts of a sample of municipalities
  [C] – Characteristics of retail trade enterprises
  [C] – Characteristics of services enterprises
  [C] – City Statistics
  [S] – Civil proceedings and other activities - Juvenile Court
  [C] – Civil proceedings at judicial offices
  [C] – Civil proceedings at the office of Justice of the Peace
  [S] – Civil proceedings started, concluded and pending in judicial offices and related provisions
  [S] – Closed bankruptcies
  [S] – Community innovation survey
  [C] – Compensation of employees, wages and salaries and social security contributions
  [C] – Comportamenti, percezioni ed opinioni della popolazione nei confronti dell'ambiente
  [C] – Construction cost indices for residential buildings
  [C] – Construction cost indices for road stretch
  [C] – Constuction cost indices for industrial warehouses
  [S] – Consumer Confidence Survey
  [S] – Consumer price data collection by scanner data
  [S] – Consumer price data collection on the net by webscapring
  [C] – Consumer price index by population subgroups
  [C] – Consumer price index for blue and white-collar worker households
  [C] – Consumer price index for the whole nation
  [S] – Consumer price territorial data collection
  [S] – Consumer prices for Purchasing Power Parities (PPP)
  [C] – Conti economici delle famiglie e delle Istituzioni sociali private
  [C] – Conti economici delle società finanziarie e non finanziarie
  [C] – Conto satellite del turismo
  [C] – Conto satellite dell'agricoltura
  [S] – Contractual wages and labour cost at provincial level of workers employed in construction
  [C] – Costruzione di un panel di microdati sui conti economici delle imprese
  [S] – Council of Administrative Justice of Sicily Region
  [S] – Council of State - balance of proceedings related to administrative disputes
  [C] – Crimes reported to the Judicial authorities by the State Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza
  [C] – Criminal proceedings and other activities at judicial offices
  [S] – Cultivated area and production of rice
  [S] – Cultivated area and production of tobacco
  [C] – Cultivated area and production of tobacco, rice and sugarbeet roots collected by sugar factories
  [C] – Day-time population for study and work
  [S] – Deaths of resident population
  [C] – Demographic forecasting
  [C] – Detenuti adulti e minori nel sistema penitenziario
  [S] – Diary of the day and activities in the time of coronavirus
  [I] – Disability in figures
  [S] – Dispatch/arrival of goods with EU Countries (Intrastat System)
  [C] – Drug addicts detained in correctional and penal institutions
  [C] – Economic account of the ROW (Rest of the World)
  [C] – Economic accounts and aggregates of public administrations
  [S] – Economic outcomes of agricultural holdings
  [C] – Election statistics
  [S] – Entities in charge of water supply
  [C] – Environmental goods and services sector accounts
  [C] – Environmental taxes by economic activities
  [C] – Equitable and sustainable well-being (BES) measures
  [C] – Equitable and sustainable well-being (BES) measures at local level
  [S] – Establishment survey - Business Census
  [S] – Establishment survey - Non profit Institutions Census
  [S] – Establishment survey - Public Institutions Census
  [S] – Estimate of flower and pot plant production and area
  [S] – Estimate of crop, flower and pot plant production and area
  [S] – Estimate of crop production and area
  [S] – Estimate of livestock population and of milk and wool production
  [C] – Estimate of university research and development activities
  [C] – Estimates of pension entitlements in social insurance
  [S] – European community household panel
  [S] – European Health Interview Survey (EHIS)
  [S] – European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)
  [S] – Execution measures: individual records
  [C] – Exports and imports of main countries, geographic and geoeconomic areas
  [C] – External trade by province of origin and destination of goods
  [C] – External trade indices
  [C] – External trade of alive animals
  [S] – Extra-judicial forms of justice: ombudsman
  [S] – Fellings and wood removals from forest
  [S] – Final balance sheet of autonomous regions and provinces
  [C] – Final balance sheet of mountain communities
  [C] – Final balance sheet of municipalities
  [S] – Final balance sheet of provinces
  [C] – Final balance sheet of provinces
  [S] – Final balance sheet of social security funds
  [C] – Final balance sheet of union of municipalities
  [S] – Final balance sheet of universities
  [S] – Final balance sheets of agencies for the right to university study
  [C] – Final balance sheets of local governments
  [C] – Flows of minors into and out of juvenile detention centres
  [C] – Flows of minors into and out of rehabilitation institutions run by or under contract with juvenile justice administration
  [C] – Foreign trade in goods and business structural of exporting and importing interprises
  [S] – Forest fires
  [C] – Formazione post-laurea
  [S] – Gender role stereotypes and the social image of violence
  [S] – General Census of Agriculture
  [S] – General Census of Industry and Services
  [S] – General Population and Housing Censuses
  [C] – General report on the country's economic situation
  [C] – Government expenditure by function according to Classification of the Functions of Government - COFOG
  [S] – Graduates vocational integration
  [S] – Gross contractual wages, length of work contract and yearly wages and salaries on an accrual basis
  [C] – Gross fixed capital formation
  [C] – Harmonized index of consumer prices
  [C] – Harmonized index of consumer prices at constant tax rates
  [C] – Higher Technical Institutes (ITSs)
  [C] – Hospital facilities and activities
  [S] – Hotels
  [C] – Hours of short-time allowance granted by the National social security institute (Inps)
  [S] – House prices survey (OOH)
  [S] – Household Budget Survey
  [S] – Household Budget Survey (1997-2013)
  [C] – Household consumption
  [S] – Household energy consumption
  [C] – Households' socio-economic conditions
  [S] – Implementation of high school graduate frame
  [S] – Implementation of statistical archives prototype for Non profit Institutions
  [S] – Indagine su bambini e ragazzi: comportamenti, atteggiamenti e progetti futuri
  [S] – Indagine sugli alunni con patologie croniche e sulla somministrazione di farmaci a scuola
  [C] – Indicators on cultural institutions and activities
  [C] – Indice dei prezzi alla produzione delle costruzioni
  [S] – Industrial production - Intermediate consumption (pilot survey)
  [S] – Infringements of laws for forest conservation
  [C] – Institutional units belonging to the General Government sector
  [C] – Integrated municipal daily mortality database
  [C] – International comparisons in education (Eurostat - OECD - Unesco)
  [S] – International outsourcing- mode and dynamic of active internationalization of Italian enterprises
  [S] – International Sourcing
  [C] – Investments, production and value added - construction
  [S] – Iron and steel production
  [C] – Italy’s Economic Outlook
  [S] – Labour cost survey
  [S] – Labour force survey
  [C] – Labour input
  [S] – Land mapping update for 2010-2011 Censuses
  [C] – Land surface area by altitude
  [C] – Land surface area by seismic hazard
  [C] – Libraries
  [S] – Library survey
  [S] – Live births registered in the population register
  [C] – Livelli retributivi e coefficienti di rivalutazione per le retribuzioni di alcuni comparti nel pubblico impiego
  [S] – Livestock statistics on bovine, pigs, sheep and goats
  [C] – Local labour systems
  [C] – Lower secondary (public and private) school census
  [C] – Main meteorological phenomena and temperature and rainfall data
  [S] – Maritime transport
  [S] – Marriage dissolution and termination of marriage civil effects (divorces)
  [S] – Marriages
  [C] – Material flow accounts
  [S] – Meteo-climatic and hydrological survey
  [C] – MIcro DEmographic Accounting (MIDEA) / ANagrafic VIrtual Statistical (ANVIS)
  [S] – Migration and calculation of foreign resident population and structure by citizenship
  [S] – Migration and calculation of monthly resident population
  [S] – Migration and calculation of yearly resident population
  [C] – Minors in first reception centres
  [S] – Minors reported for crimes
  [C] – Minors undergoing criminal proceedings placed in the custody of child protection services
  [C] – Monitoraggio del settore pubblico e del settore delle amministrazioni pubbliche
  [C] – Monitoraggio ed elaborazione delle informazioni sul partenariato pubblico privato (PPP)
  [C] – Monthly elaboration on motor fuel retail trade index
  [C] – Monthly employment and unemployment (provisional estimates)
  [S] – Monthly statistics on slaughtered livestock
  [S] – Monthly statistics on slaughtered poultry
  [S] – Monthly survey of producer prices
  [S] – Monthly survey on construction costs of residential buildings
  [S] – Monthly survey on employment, working time, earnings and labour cost in large enterprises
  [S] – Monthly survey on industrial production
  [S] – Monthly survey on iron and steel industry ouput
  [S] – Monthly survey on labour disputes
  [S] – Monthly survey on milk and dairy products
  [S] – Monthly survey on producer prices for industrial products sold on the domestic market
  [S] – Monthly survey on producer prices for industrial products sold on the external market
  [S] – Monthly survey on retail sales
  [S] – Monthly survey on sales
  [S] – Monthly survey on sea fishery products caught outside Mediterranean sea
  [C] – Mortality tables of Italian population by region
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on families: family and social subjects
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: aspects of daily life - general part
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: citizens and leisure time
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: condition and social integration of foreign citizens
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: feedback survey on job routes under a gender perspective
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: health conditions and use of medical services
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: safety of citizens
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: safety of women
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: time use
  [S] – Multipurpose survey on households: trips, holidays and daily life
  [S] – Municipal monthly survey on events of civil status
  [S] – Municipal resident foreign population by sex and year of birth
  [C] – Museums and other cultural institutions
  [C] – Non-financial assets by institutional sector
  [C] – Notary activity
  [C] – Nowcast system for demographic indicators
  [S] – Occupancy in collective accomodation establishments
  [S] – Opened bankruptcies
  [S] – Ordinary proceedings concluded by sentence
  [S] – OROS Survey (Employment, earnings and social security contributions)
  [S] – Permanent census of enterprises - Sample survey
  [S] – Permanent census of population and housing
  [S] – Permanent Census on public institutions
  [S] – Permanent censuses of economic units - Sample survey on non profit institutions
  [C] – Permits of stay to foreigners
  [S] – Persons convicted for crime with irrevocable judgement
  [S] – Persons convicted for misdemeanour with irrevocable judgement
  [S] – Persons registered in and cancelled from the population register due to change of residence
  [S] – PhD graduates census
  [S] – PhD graduates vocational integration
  [C] – Physical Energy Flow Accounts (Pefa)
  [C] – Precarious work
  [C] – Pre-primary (public and private) school census
  [C] – Price index for products purchased by farmers
  [C] – Price index for products sold by farmers
  [C] – Primary (public and private) school census
  [C] – Processing of data from the Agency for environmental protection and technical services (Apat) on waste production and collection
  [C] – Processing of financial enterprise balances
  [C] – Processing of hospital discharge data
  [C] – Production and value added for agriculture, fishery and silviculture
  [C] – Production and value added for energy sector
  [C] – Production and value added for financial intermediation services
  [C] – Production and value added for manufacturing
  [C] – Production and value added for market services
  [C] – Production and value added for non-market services
  [C] – Production index - construction
  [C] – Production price index for industrial products
  [C] – Production subsidies, taxes on production and imports, value added tax
  [S] – Protests
  [C] – Provisional accounts of agriculture, income of agricultural households in rural areas
  [S] – Provisional estimate on enterprise value added
  [S] – Public works and works of public utility
  [C] – Quarterly accounts
  [C] – Quarterly and Annual Sector Accounts
  [S] – Quarterly labour force survey
  [C] – Quarterly national accounts labour input by economic activity
  [C] – Quarterly non-financial accounts for General Government
  [C] – Quarterly non-financial sector accounts
  [S] – Quarterly road accidents survey
  [S] – Quarterly survey on industrial production (Prodcom) - Chemical products and manufacture of synthetic fibres
  [S] – Quarterly survey on industrial production (Prodcom) - Textile industry and manufacture of wearing apparel
  [S] – Quarterly survey on job vacancies and hours worked
  [S] – Quarterly survey on services producer prices
  [S] – Quick survey on building permits
  [S] – Quick survey on hospital discharges
  [S] – Quick survey on induced abortions
  [S] – Quick survey on notifications of infectious diseases
  [S] – Quick survey on women discharged after miscarriage
  [C] – Rail transport
  [C] – Recreation and sport activities
  [C] – Regional Accounts (NUTS level 2 and 3)
  [C] – Regional disposable income of Households
  [C] – Regional fertility tables
  [C] – Regional labour input estimation
  [S] – Regional purchasing power parities
  [S] – Regional-funded vocational training courses
  [C] – Register of the main economic variables of enterprises (FRAME-SBS)
  [C] – Registration of new vehicles in the motor vehicle register
  [C] – Registro delle imprese ASIA - Stima anticipata delle imprese con dipendenti
  [C] – Registro delle istituzioni non profit
  [C] – Relative poverty
  [S] – Reported crimes for which the Judicial authorities have started criminal proceedings
  [C] – Reporting of Government Deficits and Debt Levels (Excessive Deficit Procedure - EDP)
  [S] – Resident municipal population by age, sex and marital status
  [S] – Residential health care facilities
  [C] – Retail trade of EU countries
  [S] – Rilevazione di Informazioni, Dati e Documenti necessari alla Classificazione di Unità Economiche nei settori istituzionali stabiliti dal SEC 2010
  [S] – Rilevazione flussi intragruppo dei principali gruppi di imprese per l'implementazione dell'Action Plan SBS
  [S] – Rilevazione sugli elementi identificativi, risorse e attività degli uffici di statistica del Sistan (Eup)
  [S] – Rilevazione sulle catene globali del valore e sull'internazionalizzazione delle imprese (GVC)
  [S] – Road freight transport
  [C] – Road network
  [C] – Sales of tobacco and matches
  [S] – Sample survey on births
  [S] – Sample survey on drinkable water supply, sewerage and cleaning service
  [S] – Sampling survey on coverage and quality of agricultural holdings frame prototype
  [C] – School education and training
  [S] – Seed supply survey
  [S] – Semi-super and supercentenarians survey
  [S] – Separation of spouses
  [S] – Shaping Census Areas for Municipalities with more than 20.000 inhabitants
  [C] – Short university courses
  [C] – Sistema di elaborazioni e stime sulla popolazione straniera residente anche ai fini del REGOLAMENTO (CE) N. 862/2007
  [C] – Sistema informativo FRAME territoriale
  [S] – Small and medium enterprise survey -SME (including professional and artistic activities)
  [S] – Small enterprise survey (including professional and artistic activities)
  [S] – Social inclusion of people with functional limitations
  [C] – Social protection accounts by function and scheme (ESSPROS)
  [C] – Social protection economic account and social benefits
  [S] – Socio-educational services for infancy
  [S] – Spatial Indices of consumer prices
  [S] – Special trade extra EU import-export
  [C] – Statistical register of active enterprises (ASIA - Enterprises)
  [C] – Statistical register of enterprise groups
  [C] – Statistical register of enterprises' occupation (ASIA - Employment)
  [C] – Statistical register of Local Units (ASIA - LU)
  [S] – Statistics by product (Prodcom)
  [S] – Statistics on book production
  [S] – Statistics on extreme poverty
  [S] – Statistics on social security and welfare - Beneficiaries of pensions
  [S] – Statistics on social security and welfare - Pensions
  [C] – Stima annuale e trimestrale dei flussi con l'estero
  [C] – Stima di indicatori trimestrali sulle ore lavorate
  [S] – Structural statistics on business services
  [S] – Structure of Earnings Survey
  [C] – Structure of retail sale stores
  [C] – Students by academic year and graduates by calendar year
  [C] – Studi e misure dell'economia non osservata
  [S] – Sugarbeet roots collected by sugar factories
  [S] – Suicides and attempted suicides
  [C] – Surface of protected areas
  [S] – Survey municipality population registers
  [S] – Survey of the economic accounts of the enterprises including professional and artistic activities
  [S] – Survey on prices of products sold by farmers
  [S] – Survey on abroad foreign affiliates activities controlled by Italy (Outward Fats)
  [S] – Survey on address numbers
  [S] – Survey on afforestation, deforestation, forest restoration
  [S] – Survey on agencies managing water services
  [S] – Survey on agricultural holding structure and output
  [S] – Survey on anti-violence center
  [S] – Survey on aqueducts
  [S] – Survey on building permits
  [S] – Survey on building workers' welfare funds
  [S] – Survey on Civil Partnerships
  [S] – Survey on discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin
  [S] – Survey on drinkable water supply networks
  [S] – Survey on drinkable water supply, sewerage and cleaning survey
  [S] – Survey on educational and professional routes of upper secondary graduates
  [S] – Survey on enterprise accounting system
  [S] – Survey on Enterprises Final Consumption of Energy Products (COEN)
  [S] – Survey on felling surfaces and wood and not wood removals from forest
  [S] – Survey on final balance sheet of public bodies: institutions for public housing
  [S] – Survey on final balance sheet of public bodies/institutions: chambers of commerce
  [S] – Survey on final balance sheet of public bodies/institutions: mountain communities
  [S] – Survey on final balance sheets of scientific hospitals for research, hospitalisation and health care and State University hospitals
  [S] – Survey on fishing in lakes and artificial basins
  [S] – Survey on forecasting of some herbal crops sowing
  [S] – Survey on fundations
  [S] – Survey on hospital discharges after miscarriage
  [S] – Survey on import price
  [S] – Survey on income and living conditions in immigrant families
  [S] – Survey on induced abortions
  [S] – Survey on information and communication technology in enterprises
  [S] – Survey on information and communication technology in financial intermediation enterprises
  [S] – Survey on information and communication technology in public administrations
  [S] – Survey on insolvency proceedings (deeds of arrangements, compulsory winding-ups, temporary receiverships)
  [S] – Survey on integration of students with disability in private and public primary and lower secondary schools
  [S] – Survey on labour, welfare and social security disputes
  [S] – Survey on lagoon and sea fishery product sales
  [S] – Survey on lagoon and sea fishery products
  [S] – Survey on museums, monuments and similar institutions
  [S] – Survey on notifications of infectious diseases
  [S] – Survey on occupations
  [S] – Survey on permanent crops
  [S] – Survey on plant protection products provided for agricultural use
  [S] – Survey on prices of products purchased by farmers for specific monthly indices
  [S] – Survey on production and supply of complete and complementary feeding stuff
  [S] – Survey on provincial wages and salaries of agricultural workers
  [S] – Survey on quality products PDO, PGI and TSG
  [S] – Survey on rail transport
  [S] – Survey on R&D expenditure prediction of autonomous regions and provinces
  [S] – Survey on reared worm-seed and produced silkworm cocoons
  [S] – Survey on Research and Development in enterprises
  [S] – Survey on Research and Development in non-profit private institutions
  [S] – Survey on Research and Development in the public bodies/institutions
  [S] – Survey on road accidents resulting in death or injury
  [S] – Survey on rural tourism accommodations
  [S] – Survey on services to IT companies
  [S] – Survey on sewerage networks
  [S] – Survey on Shelter homes
  [S] – Survey on social actions and services of single and associated municipalites
  [S] – Survey on social cooperatives
  [S] – Survey on social security - beneficiaries of disability, old age and survivor's pensions
  [S] – Survey on telecommunication
  [S] – Survey on the activities of foreign controlled enterprises resident in Italy
  [S] – Survey on the integration of the second generations of immigrants
  [S] – Survey on the size of aviculture and rabbit farms
  [S] – Survey on the supply of fertilizers for agricultural use (fertilizers, soil conditioners and improvers)
  [S] – Survey on the use of plant protection products for crops
  [S] – Survey on turnover in the services
  [S] – Survey on urban waste water cleaning plants
  [S] – Survey on vocational training in enterprises
  [S] – Survey on voluntary organisations
  [C] – Sviluppo di modelli di microsimulazione per la valutazione di politiche pubbliche sulle famiglie
  [C] – Sviluppo di modelli di microsimulazione per la valutazione di politiche pubbliche sulle imprese
  [C] – System of Health Accounts (SHA)
  [C] – Tavole delle risorse e degli impieghi a prezzi correnti
  [C] – Tavole delle risorse e degli impieghi ai prezzi dell'anno precedente
  [C] – Tavole input-output
  [S] – Teacher research activities
  [C] – Territorial indexes on endowment and functionality on infrastructures
  [C] – Territorial indicators for development policies
  [S] – Territory and name variation of municipalities
  [C] – Territory variations, name of municipalities, calculation of municipal areas
  [C] – Testing on the use of mobile phone data to estimate mobility flows
  [C] – The help line 1522
  [S] – Timber assortments' market prices at farm (forestry) level
  [C] – Treasury summary
  [S] – Trips and holidays survey
  [C] – Turnover of wholesale trade enterprises and trade intermediaries of EU countries
  [S] – University and upper secondary schools (final data)
  [C] – University degree courses
  [C] – University teaching and non-teaching staff
  [C] – Updating, improving and enlarging the data bank of municipalities' indicators
  [S] – Updating of Business Register
  [S] – Updating of data bank "waste water treatment plants"
  [S] – Updating of the statistical register of economic units ASIA - Local units
  [S] – Upper secondary graduates vocational integration
  [C] – Upper secondary (public and private) school census
  [S] – Urban environmental data
  [S] – Urban water census
  [S] – Use of grape production
  [S] – Use of water resources
  [C] – Use of water resources
  [C] – Value of currency in Italy
  [S] – Variation of municipal areas
  [C] – Vehicle fleet
  [S] – Vital statistics on causes of death
  [S] – Welfare services and social actions of provincial authorities
  [S] – Wildlife farms, restocking areas, wildlife sanctuaries, hunting
  [S] – Wood removals outside forest and forest non-wood products
  [S] – Yearly survey of livestock slaughtering
  [S] – Yearly survey on milk and dairy products
  [S] – Yearly survey on structural characteristics of iron and steel industry
  [S] – Young plants in nurseries managed by regions or delegate bodies