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[C] - Statistical register of enterprises' occupation (ASIA - Employment)
Description The informative system on employment was set-up in 2011 in the occasion of the Italian “virtual” economic census CIS2011 and, from 2012, it is yearly updated. The register Asia-employment contains details on the employment of units covered by the business register Asia and presents a LEED structure (Linked Employer Employee Database). Thanks to the availability of a set of administrative data and to the adoption of a common conceptual framework and harmonized estimation methods for the treatment of administrative data for statistical purpose, the LEED brings together information from both sides of the enterprise, individual (workers) and job relation classified according to the international standards on employment, in the reference year.The register Asia-employment contains information on the enterprise, i.e. those characteristics already registers in the Business register Asia, the individual (worker’s characteristics such as sex, age, nationality…) and the main job variables (professional status, type of contract, etc) by job typologies. In specific, employment is formed by internal, employees and self-employed, and so-called external workers of an enterprise which represents all people that, not classified as employees or self-employment participate to the productive process of the enterprise on the base of a contract. The group of external workers contains also those temporary workers which can be utilized from a temporary employment agency. Employment is measured in terms of yearly average of job positions, calculated on the base of the presence of the worker in the week of reference of each month.
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical compilation other than National Account
First production year 2012