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[S] - Quick survey on building permits
Description Quick Survey on building permits is a quartely and sample survey. The survey was commissioned in December 2003 on a sample of Municipalities (here in after “rapid survey”) to fulfill the requirements set by Regulation no. 1165/98 of the European Council on short term statistics and its subsequent amendments. It was designed to provide estimates of the main indicators of building permits, considered as a close approximation of future works of the construction industry, able to anticipate the trend. Quarterly estimates of construction permits are transmitted confidentiallyto Eurostat 90 days past the end of the reference quarter and revised180 days past the reference period. The estimated variables are a very limited sub-group of those measured by the structural survey, exclusively monitoring two aspects of residential building activity (the number of dwellings and the useful floor area) and one feature of non-residential building activity (the area). It collects information on new construction projects (even if demolished and completely rebuilt) or enlarging of pre-existing structures, residential and non-residential, authorised by certified building permits(Building permits, SCIA –Start-of-work certified report, or Public construction work).Dividing up, changes of use and renovation of pre-existing buildings, which do not cause an increase in volume of said buildings, are not included in the survey observation field. Since 2010, Istat implemented the online survey system through the website
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
First production year 2003
Questionnaire Mod. ISTAT/PDC/NEG since 31/03/2023
Mod. ISTAT/PDC/NRE since 31/03/2023
Mod. ISTAT/PDC/RE since 31/03/2023