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[S] - Occupancy in collective accomodation establishments
Description Monthly statistics on “Occupancy in tourist accommodation establishments” are processed by Istat since 1957 and this census survey represents the main source of information on internal (domestic and inbound) tourism available in Italy. The survey is currently carried out according to the European Regulation 692/2011 concerning European statistics on tourism and the Commission Implementing Regulation no. 1051/2011, as amended by the Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 1681/2019 of the Commission. The main variables collected are: arrivals and nights spent by residents (by region of residence) and non-residents (by country of residence) at tourist accommodation establishments, divided by category of hotels and similar accommodation and by type of other collective accommodation establishments. Daily data on occupancy are collected by the establishments’ owners and then are transmitted to the public administrations (local tourism bodies or directly the Statistics Offices in Regions or Provinces). The data are summarized by Intermediate bodies on a monthly basis, at municipal level and according to a specified breakdown by type of accommodation, and submit to Istat according to the record layout file MOV/C. The most interesting aspect of the survey concerns the dissemination of occupancy data in collective accommodation establishments by all the possible combinations of the collected variables: category of hotels and similar accommodation and type of other collective accommodation establishments, months, region of residence or country of residence, area of destination (region, province, sub-province), type of locality. This also allows detailed analysis of the relationships between these variables.
Eurostat type of process classification Census
First production year 1957
Questionnaire Tracciato Record MOV/C since 31/01/2018