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[S] - Survey of the economic accounts of the enterprises including professional and artistic activities
Description The survey is formed by a sample survey on legal units with less than 250 persons employed (SME) and a total survey on legal units with 250 or more persons employed (SCI) and answers to the request of SBS EU Council Regulation n. 2019/2152. The field of observation is represented by the legal units of business register on active enterprises (Asia) in the reference year. The main variables collected annually by an electronic questionnaire regard business accounting, employment, personnel cost and investments. The data collected is treated by statistical procedures for assuring consistency and coherence and non-response technique, by integrating data from administrative sources. The classification of economic activities corresponds to Ateco 2007 or Nace Rev.2. The SME survey uses a random sampling design stratified by economic activity, size classes of persons employed and administrative regions. The estimation methodology is based on calibration, by using known totals from the business register (the number of the persons employed and legal units). The SCI survey, in addition to collecting information on the legal units, also collects data by KAU (Kind of Activity Unit) of the legal unit itself.
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
First production year 2017
Questionnaire Guida alla compilazione PMI 2022 since 01/10/2023
Guida alla compilazione PMI 2022 TEDESCO since 01/10/2023
Guida alla compilazione SCI 2022 since 01/10/2023
Guida alla compilazione SCI 2022 TEDESCO since 01/10/2023
Questionario PMI 2022 since 01/10/2023
Questionario PMI 2022 TEDESCO since 01/10/2023
Questionario SCI 2022 since 01/10/2023
Questionario SCI 2022 TEDESCO since 01/10/2023
Guida alla compilazione questionario ex PMI - TEDESCO since 01/10/2022
Guide to completing the ex PMI questionnaire since 01/10/2022
Questionario ex PMI (facsimile) - TEDESCO since 01/10/2022
Questionario ex SCI since 01/10/2022
Questionario ex SCI  since 01/10/2022
Survey Questionnaire ex PMI (facsimile) since 01/10/2022
Compilation guide (SCI) since 01/10/2021
Replacing [S] - Small and medium enterprise survey -SME (including professional and artistic activities)
[S] - Survey on enterprise accounting system