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[S] - Multipurpose survey on households: aspects of daily life - general part
Description The sample survey "Aspects of daily life" is a part of an integrated system of social surveys - The Multipurpose Surveys on Household - and it collects fundamental information on individual and household daily life. From 1993 to 2003 the survey was conducted annually, with data collected during the month of November. In 2004 the survey did not take place and, starting from 2005, it was run every year during the first three months of the year. The survey provides information on the citizens' habits and the problems they face in every day life. In the questionnaires, the thematic areas are on different social aspects consenting to realize which is the quality of individual life, the degree of satisfaction of their conditions, their economic situation, the area in which they live, the functioning of all public utility services, all topics useful to study the quality of life. School, work, family and social life, spare time, political and social participation, health, life style, access to the services are all investigated from a point of view in which behaviour objectivity, motivations, opinions contribute to define the social information. The survey is included in The National Statistic Programme, which gathers the statistical investigations needed for the Country.
Eurostat type of process classification Social sample survey
First production year 1993
Questionnaire Mod. ISTATIM2F_7A_2023 since 28/02/2022
Mod. ISTATIM2F_7A_2023 since 28/02/2022