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[C] - Statistical register of Local Units (ASIA - LU)
Description The Business Register of local units was established on the basis of European Council Regulation no. 2816/93 on Community coordination on the development of business registers for statistical purposes, then replaced by EC Regulation no. 177/2008. The field of observation registry Asia local units is the same of the Businesses Register and concerns all industrial, commercial and services to businesses and families. A local unit is defined by the Council Regulation on statistical units (N. 696/1993) as “an enterprise or part thereof (e.g. a workshop, factory, warehouse, office, mine or depot) situated in a geographically identified place. At or from this place economic activity is carried out for which - save for certain exceptions - one or more persons work (even if only part-time) for one and the same enterprise. The information provides by Business register of local units are: - Location of the LU, - Economical activity, - Number of employees. The set-up of the register have been carried out starting from 2004 with the realization of an informative base of local units, obtained through a process of normalization and integration of records present in the available sources. These sources are statistical and administrative. An important source of input in the construction and the updating of the Local Units Register is a specific survey carried out on a yearly basis since the 2004, denominated “Survey on the local units of large enterprises” (IULGI). This survey verifies, in the field, the state of activity and the other characteristics of the local units (Location of the LU; Economical activity ,number of employees).
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical compilation other than National Account
First production year 2017