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[C] - Registro delle imprese ASIA - Stima anticipata delle imprese con dipendenti
Description The Asia preliminary Register refers to the early estimate of information on the country's production structure for the population of enterprises with employees. The information available is: - active enterprises with employees; for the year 2013 (first period of data) these were over 1.5 million with more than 13 million employees, equal to one third of the total number of companies and 80% of the total number of employees, constituting the core of the national production system for the reference period; - structural variables, such as localization, economic activity, number of employees (independent and dependent), legal form; - the main demo-social characteristics of the employees (gender, age group and country of origin); - the type of employee contract (fixed/unlimited time). The estimation of active enterprises is carried out by the integration of more timely administrative sources and the revision of some methods for estimating the characteristics compared to the normal production process of the Register of Active enterprises (ASIA). In general, the process of constructing the advance estimate of Asia with employees is based on a methodology that integrates the information content of the administrative sources of input available, namely: - the Tax Register, provided by the Revenue Agency, available in February of the year (t+1); - the Business Registers of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture, updated for the year (t-1) are available in February of the year (t+1); - the INPS archive of monthly EMENS complaints, that of the DMAG models of employees in agriculture, and that of the beneficiaries of the direct payment redundancy fund, all available in March of the year (t+1); - the fiscal source of the Sector Studies, available in May of the year (t+1). The other sources used are: - the data on large companies available at the end of June of the year (t+1) and coming from the continuous (on-line) checks carried out by sector experts; - the Asia register of the previous year ASIA(t-1). Once the integrated database has been built, the main characters are assigned to each business unit, using deterministic criteria based on the presence and quality of the single character of each source for the estimation of the latter. In general, for all characters, priority is given to on-line information. The information from ASIA(t-1) is then taken into account. This applies in particular to the estimation of economic activity, legal form, date of commencement of activity, number of independents and localization.
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical compilation other than National Account
First production year 2013