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[C] - Statistical register of enterprise groups
Description The Italian Business Register of Enterprise Groups was set up in 2003, is based on the identification of the basic relationships which are the pairs-wise relationships between legal units. Starting from 2005, annual data are made available on the structure and size of corporate groups. The registry is built up according to the definitions of European Regulation no. 177/2008 (that replaced the European regulation no. 2186/93 regarding a common framework for business registers used for statistical purposes) and European Regulation n.696/93. It provides the links of control between companies both at national and multinational level and some target variables (such as economic activity, legal status, turnover, costs, person employed, etc..) of the group. The population considered for the dissemination of data on enterprises group follows the observation field of the Business Register of Active Enterprises (Asia). The methodology consists in the integration of different administrative and statistical sources, harmonized and approved by Eurostat. Starting from the elementary administrative data sources, containing direct shareholdings on companies with stock divided into shares or quotas (incorporated companies), a recursive algorithm reconstructs all the chains of control (direct and indirect) among legal units and delineate the group structure bottom up until the Group Head. The concept of control is defined by the European regulation 549/2013 (Sec 2010).
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical compilation other than National Account
First production year 2005