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[S] - Household Budget Survey
Description The HBS aims to measure and analyze expenditure behaviors of households residing in Italy, according to their main social, economic and territorial characteristics. More, it represents the informative base for i) the quarterly estimate of household final consumption expenditure, ii) the annual weighting of the CPI basket, iii) the official estimates of relative and absolute poverty in Italy, iv) the measure of inflation by household expenditure classes. The main focus of the HBS is represented by all expenditures incurred by resident households to purchase goods and services exclusively devoted to household consumption (self-consumptions, imputed rentals and presents are included): every other expenditure for a different purpose is excluded from the data collection (e. g., payments of fees, business expenditures). The survey, carried out continuously with CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) technique, is based on the harmonized international classification of expenditure voices (Classification of Individual COnsumption by Purpose Coicop). Since 2014, the new HBS has replaced the old HBS (carried out between 1997 and 2013).The present survey design differs deeply from the previous one: in particular, expenditure reference periods have been enlarged and the most updated ECoicop has been adopted. As a consequence, it has been necessary to reconstruct the time series of the main expenditure aggregates since 1997. Time comparisons between 2014 estimates and previously disseminated estimates can be made only using reconstructed data.
Eurostat type of process classification Social sample survey
First production year 2014
Questionnaire Diario di spesa Edition: 31/12/2019
Questionario_prima parte Edition: 31/12/2019
Questionario_seconda parte Edition: 31/12/2019
Replacing [S] - Household budget survey