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[S] - Establishment survey - Public Institutions Census
Description The 2011 Census of the Public Institutions gathers data on both the public institutions and their local units at the 31st of December 2011, the reference date of the census. The Public Institutions are defined as “economic entities that are capable of producing non-market goods and assets, intended for the benefit of the community and entirely financed by households, enterprises, nonprofit institutions and other public institutions”. Around 13,000 public institutions are involved in the survey, within the pre-census list created by National Institute of Statistics to integrate administrative archives and relevant statistical sources. The survey on the public institutions has acquired both traditional information on the public sector and innovative data on the modernization of public administration, such as sustainable governance, ICT, the characteristics and type of services provided on the territory. The purpose of the survey is to provide an accurate statistical picture of the structure and organization of the public sector in Italy, by focusing on data analysis of the institutional unit in the territory.
Eurostat type of process classification Census
First production year 2011
Questionnaire Questionario Rilevazione sulle Istituzioni pubbliche_Prima fase - Modello per l'acquisizione elenco delle Unità locali Edition: 31/12/2011
Questionario Rilevazione sulle Istituzioni pubbliche_Seconda fase - Modello per le unità istituzionali e Modello per le unità locali Edition: 31/12/2011
Replacing [S] - General Census of Industry and Services