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[S] - Business confidence survey in Services
Description Services survey is carried out within the joint harmonized EU (European Union) project (EC -European Commission- Decision C (97) 2241 of 15 July 1997 and EC ommunication COM (2006) 379 of 12 July 2006). The survey provides information about managers' assessments and expectations of the main economic variables in their company (level of order books, business situation, turnover etc.).The survey is carried out on a monthly basis and addressed to a panel of 2.000 firms (cut off 3 employees). The survey sample design is stratified by economic sectors (identified by NACE rev.2 divisions), geographic partitions and firm sizes (in terms of employees). Furthemore, the Neyman optimum allocation method to strata is applied for determining the strata size. The sampling frame is ASIA archive (Statical Archive of active firms). The services confidence indicator, according to the EU methodology, is calculated as the simple arithmetric average of the balances of answers to the questions on assessments and expectations of demand and to the question on the assessments on the business situation. All series are seasonally adjusted using the Tramo-Seats method.
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
First production year 2003
Questionnaire Business Confidence in the Market Services Sector since 21/01/2011