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[C] - Costruzione di un panel di microdati sui conti economici delle imprese
Description The Panel for the micro-retrospective data of Italian enterprises with 20 employed and over from 1998 to 2004 is a database of key economic variables of enterprises and employment achieved through the integration of three different sources: 1) Archive Asia, 2) Economic Survey business (SCI, PMI), 3) Administrative data. In particular, there are economic variables provided by the SBS Regulation (employed, employees, turnover, production value, value added at factor cost of total purchases of goods and services, personnel costs, gross fixed investment) and any information on enterprise like economic activity code and region code. In addition, the panel includes coupled data of the following business surveys: Cis, Intrastat, trade with countries outside the EU eRricerca and Development.
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical compilation other than National Account
processing carried out on the basis of structural business surveys
First production year 1998