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[S] - Urban water census
Description Urban water census produces statistical information on urban water services provided to the community through a network of facilities spread throughout the country. In particular, the information collected includes: water abstraction for drinkable use, transport of drinking water, water supply system, sewerage network, waste water treatment plants. The respondents are all water management companies operating in Italy.
Eurostat type of process classification Census
First production year 2008
Questionnaire Guide to Urban Water Census (edition 2018) since 31/12/2018
Guide to the Urban water census (edition 2015) since 31/12/2015
Urban water census questionnnaire (edition 2012) since 31/12/2012
Questionnaires on Water services since 31/12/2008
Replacing [S] - Entities in charge of water supply
[S] - Sample survey on drinkable water supply, sewerage and cleaning service
[S] - Updating of data bank "waste water treatment plants"