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[S] - Sampling survey on coverage and quality of agricultural holdings frame prototype
Description As part of the preparatory work of the 2010 Agricultural Census, the National Institute of Statistics in collaboration with Regions and Autonomous provinces, carried out in the period between November 2008 and April 2009 a coverage survey and quality control of the prototype statistical register of agricultural holdings (PSN code IST-02145), in order to verify the existence of holdings in the field, shown in the prototype list prepared by Istat consisting of Base Integrated Administrative Sources (BIFA). In particular, it made it possible to test the validity of the methodological process of construction, from BIFA, list of holdings up to the backup of census operations with specific considerations to criterias for the identification of statistical units to include in the observation field of the 6th general Census of agriculture. Based on the survey results, a reconciliation was carried out with the data of the prototype list in order to enable the proper formation of the list of holdings to be interviewed at the Census. The survey, with direct interview of the units, was conducted on a cross section of about 16,000 agricultural units distributed in 80 municipalities.
First production year 2008
Questionnaire mod. ISTAT/CLAG Edition: 31/10/2008