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[S] - Quarterly survey on services producer prices
Description Services Producer Price Indices (SPPIs) or Output Price Indices for Services measure quarterly changes in the prices paid for services provided by enterprises to other enterprises and Government. This means the SPPIs cover what are commonly known as business to business transactions, thus leaving out sales to consumers. The indices are chained based and are calculated according to Ateco 2007 classification (Italian edition of Nace Rev. 2) and EC Regulation n. 1158/05.
Eurostat type of process classification Price and other economic index process
First production year 2006
Questionnaire Mod. ISTAT/PPS-10 since 30/09/2011
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-11 since 30/09/2011
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-12 since 30/09/2011
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-01 since 31/12/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-02 since 31/12/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-09 since 31/12/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-05 since 31/03/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-06 since 31/03/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-07 since 31/03/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-08 since 31/03/2010
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-03 since 31/12/2007
Mod. ISTAT/PPS-04 since 31/12/2007