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[S] - Quick survey on building permits
Description Quick Survey on building permits is a quartely and sample survey; it collects information on new building projects (residential or non-residential) or enlargement of pre-existing buildings, with the exception of transformations and renovations. Information is supplied by those who ask for building permits or start-of-work notification (DIA) or SCIA and is collected by municipalities that monthly send the material to Istat.
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
First production year 2003
Questionnaire Modello ISTAT_PDC_NEG since 31/12/2018
Modello ISTAT_PDC_NRE since 31/12/2018
Modello ISTAT_PDC_RE since 31/12/2018
MOD. ISTAT/AE since 31/03/2003
MOD. ISTAT/AE/NEG since 31/03/2003