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[S] - Survey on the activities of foreign controlled enterprises resident in Italy
Description Italy leads the survey on foreign affiliates resident in Italy (Inward statistics on foreign affiliates) to comply with European FATS Regulation (EC Regulation No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2007): The target population consists of enterprises and local units (branches) resident in Italy and under foreign control (NACE Sections B to N and K). The definition of foreign control is included in the European FATS Regulation 716/2007 and in the FATS Recommendations Manual. To produce inward FATS data is used a panel of foreign-controlled enterprises (about 12000 enterprise). For the update of this panel the methodology follows a mixed approach. The primary source is an ad hoc survey on firms under foreign control in Italy. Additional sources are the Business Register, the Enterprise group business register, administrative sources, private database and an accurate monitoring of foreign entry/exit based on new papers, mass media and annual reports. About the survey, the level of detail requested by Eurostat requires a census survey for large and medium companies (50+ person employed ) and stratified random sample for the small one. (the stratification is made by sector of economic activity). The survey is exclusively for self-compilation of an electronic questionnaire on the website Istat INDATA. The Italian survey collects information on foreign control, exports and imports of goods and services and intra-group exports and imports of goods and services.
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
First production year 2001
Questionnaire Inward statistics on foreign affiliates from 31/12/2015 to 31/12/2016