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[S] - Quarterly survey on job vacancies and hours worked
Description The survey, also referred to as VELA, measures quarterly job vacancies, stocks and flows of employment, hours worked and paid in enterprises with less than 500 employees in industry and services (sections B-S of Nace Rev. 2 classification, with the exception of O). Starting from the I quarter of 2016 the collected data include also managers. The data collection is carried out via a quarterly online survey available at The survey is needed to comply with: EC Regulation n. 1165/98 on short-term statistics, and implementing and updating regulations; EC Regulation n. 450/2003 on the labour cost index, and implementing and updating regulations; and EC Regulation n. 453/2008 on quarterly job vacancy statistics, and implementing regulations. The process adopts a revision policy for the data releases. For further information, the documents on this policy can be found at qui
Eurostat type of process classification Economic sample survey
Questionnaire Fragebogen I 2019 since 31/03/2016
Questionario dell'Indagine trimestrale sui posti di lavoro vacanti e le ore lavorate since 31/03/2016
Replacing [C] - Stima di indicatori trimestrali sulle ore lavorate