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[S] - Urban environmental data
Description The "Urban Environmental data", carried out annually by Istat, collects environmental statistical information relating to the municipalities of provincial capitals / the metropolitan city. The data collected are aimed at providing an information framework to support the monitoring of state of the urban environment, and the policies to be adopted by the local administration to ensure good quality of environment in the cities. The survey is divided into seven dedicated questionnaires - Air, Eco management (which includes water ration measures for civil use, previously collected by a specific Water module), Energy, Mobility, Waste, Noise and Urban Green - which gather information on: level of air pollutants and measures to contain them; production of energy from renewable sources, efficient use of energy, certification and energy upgrading of buildings; policies to prevent production, facilitate the correct supply and collection of urban waste; noise measurements, exceeding limits and temporary activities with significant noise impact; supply and demand for local public transport, sustainable mobility and info mobility; public urban green areas, actions for the development of green areas and protected natural areas; planning tools related to the main urban environmental issues. In addition to the data collection related to the year 2018, the survey also allows the possibility of revising the statistical information collected in 2017 for Air, Energy and Noise questionnaires. Since the edition 2018 the Water module has been incorporated in the "Census of waters for civil use" (biennial), that will be carried out in the current year. The Urban Environmental survey is part of the National Statistical Program, which includes all the statistical surveys of public interest. Therefore Istat is required by law to carry out this survey and the provincial capitals are required to participate in it, as, as required by the law, the obligation to reply is mandatory and in the event of a violation an administrative sanction is applied.
Eurostat type of process classification Multiple data sources statistic
First production year 2000
Questionnaire Questionnaire environmental data collection in the city in 2018 since 31/12/2017
Questionnaire environmental data collection in the city in 2017 since 31/12/2016