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[S] - Capacity of collective accommodation establishments
Description The annual survey of the capacity of tourist accommodation establishments collects the main structural information regarding the accommodation establishments. The survey is currently carried out according to the European Regulation 692/2011 concerning European statistics on tourism. It quantifies, at municipality level, the number of establishments, bed places, bedrooms and bathrooms for hotels and similar accommodation, the number of establishments and bed places for the other collective accommodations. The Istat form CTT/4 is filled by Local bodies on Tourism (depending on the local regulations) which provide to transmit it to Istat. Data are collected according to the type of accommodation as follows: hotels and similar establishments (classified into 5 categories and hotel-tourism residences RTA); other collective accommodation establishments (tourist camp-sites, holiday villages, tourist camp-sites and holiday villages-mixed forms, holiday dwellings (rented), farmhouses , youth hostels, holidays homes, mountain refugees, other accommodation n.e.c., bed and breakfast and other private accommodations). For dissemination, camp-sites, holiday villages, tourist camp-sites and holiday villages-mixed forms are aggregated in the item "Tourist camp-sites and holiday villages"; "other private accommodations" are collected but not disseminated. Starting from the year 2008, the capacity regarding hotels and similar establishments is collected also according to the size classes (based on the number of rooms). Starting from the year 2007, capacity is defined as the gross capacity over the referring year. From 2007 forms are acquired through the certified and secure Indata website (
Eurostat type of process classification Census
First production year 1957
Questionnaire CTT/4 since 31/12/2018