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[S] - Survey on information and communication technology in enterprises
Description The survey covers the universe of enterprises with 10 or more persons employed active, according to the classification of economic activities adopted in Italy (Ateco 2002), in the areas of manufacturing (D), construction (F), wholesale and detail (G), hotels (H), transport, storage and communication (I), real estate activities, renting, research and development (K) and audiovisual (O). Since 2009, economic activities are those considered by the division 10 to 82 under the new Ateco 2007 (derived by Nace Rev. 2) classification (excluding the section K-Financial and insurance activities and division 75-veterinary services). Since 2010 is also considered the activity 951-repair of computers and communication equipment used for the calculation of the aggregate relating to the ICT sector. The object of the survey are the equipments of ICT enterprises and the measurement of e-commerce. The technique chosen is the investigation of a postal self-completion questionnaire on paper until 2005; since the year 2006 is also made available a web site for online completion of the questionnaire in pdf; since from 2009, the questionnaire is sent also in paper but only at the time of first reminder; since 2011 is no longer sent the paper questionnaire except upon the request of users and the compilation is done by filling in an electronic questionnaire. The sampling design used for the survey is stratified random type. Businesses universe were divided into homogeneous layers for level of economic activity, geographical area and number of employees. The estimation method used is based on the attribution to any undertaking by a factor, said final weight, which indicates how many are the exploits of population units represented by that respondent. The calculation of the final weights was performed using auxiliary variables as the number of firms and the number of employees, according to the information in the archive ASIA. The variables disseminated at regional level are only a subset of those available at the level of economic activity, number of persons employed and geographical area. Each year, the variables collected are defined at EU level and, apart from a few 'core' indicators 'core' that are annual or biannual, some topics are investigated each year with specific sections and they are not fully repeated in subsequent years. For this reason, some published indicators not have values ​​in subsequent years.
First production year 2002
Questionnaire ICT Questionnaire - year 2019 since 31/01/2019