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[S] - Survey on plant protection products provided for agricultural use
Description The survey took in all enterprises which distribute such products in Italy, for each province, either under their own brand or foreign brands. The main variables surveyed are quantity of plant protection product and quantity of the active substances distributed for each province. The term plant protection products indicates those products containing or comprised of substances intended for various uses, including protecting plants or plant products from harmful organisms, destroying unwanted plants or parts of plants. The term active substances refers to all substances which exert a general or specific action against harmful organisms or on plants or parts of them.
Eurostat type of process classification Census
Questionnaire MOD.A.44.1 since 31/12/2017
MOD.A.44.2 since 31/12/2017
Mod. A. 44.2 since 31/12/2002
Mod A. 44.1 since 31/12/2002