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[S] - Survey on induced abortions
Description In 1979 Istat, according to the law 194/78 on voluntary abortion, started the survey on induced abortion together with Regions and the Ministry of Health. Data are collected using an individual and anonymous form (Istat D.12) compiled by the doctor that makes the operation to terminate the pregnancy. In such form information about the woman and the pregnancy, and about the operation are requested. The first ones contain: date of birth; place of birth and place of residence; province of the operation; citizenship: marital status; educational level; work status (a woman has a "not occupational status" if she is an housewife, or a student, or a retired person, or if she is looking for her first job. A woman has an "occupational status" if she is actually working or if she is unemployed e.g. she has lost a previous job and she's looking for a new one); professional position; branch of economic activity; past reproductive history (number of live births, stillbirths, miscarriages, voluntary abortions); gestational age; presence of foetus malformations. Information about the operation are: date of pregnancy interruption; date of certification; authorization; urgency; approval for minors; place and type of operation; type of anaesthesia; type of hospitalization; length of stay in hospital; complications.
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical process using administrative source
First production year 1979
Questionnaire Form ISTAT D.12 since 31/12/2013