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[S] - Monthly survey on employment, working time, earnings and labour cost in large enterprises
Description Data are collected monthly on enterprises with more than 500 employees covering sectors from B to S of Nace rev.2. Enterprises have been selected from Istat Business Register (Asia 2015); in 2015 large enterprises survey includes 1.700 enterprises that represent 23.0 per cent of total employees in the register (17.7 per cent in industry and 26.1 per cent in services). The survey collects information on the number of employed persons, working hours, labour cost, salary and wages at the end of the month. The monthly survey on employment, working hours, wages and labor costs in large enterprises (GI) contributes along with other two quarterly surveys a job vacancy and hours worked (Vela), the other on Employment Remuneration and Social Security Contributions (Oros) to determine indicators on the input and labor costs in enterprises with employees. The values obtained through the integration of three different statistical surveys are sent to Eurostat in compliance with the following European regulations: 1) STS-term statistics (no. 1165/98) and subsequent amendments and additions to the number of persons employed, hours worked and gross and salary wages. 2) Labour Cost Index (n. 450/2003). 3) Regulation on job vacancies of the European Parliament and of the Council (no. 453/2008) and on the Commission's implementing regulations (no. 1062/2008 and no. 19/2009).
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