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[S] - Monthly survey on industrial production
Description The survey, concerning exclusively industries belonging to sections of economic activities classified B, C and D, describes the development of productive activity in Italy through the collection of production volumes. The monthly survey on industrial production is based on a longitudinal panel of enterprises, usually with more than 20 employees, that on monthly terms provide information about production volumes for a basket of elementary products which are the basic information. To supplement these data other statistical sources are to be used for the estimate of production trends of specific industrial sectors, especially concerning mining and energy production. More specifically, mining departments of Hydrocarbon and geothermal energy of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) provide data regarding the mining of minerals for energy, whereas regions provide data regarding the quarrying of minerals for different purposes. TERNA (the national electricity grid) collects data regarding the production of electricity, MED also provides for the collection of data regarding the distribution of methane gas. In addition to that, other statistical sources are used to calculate the elementary indices of some manufacturing industry products: 1) monthly survey on butchered cattle carried out by Istat, 2) Sectorial Associations of iron and steal industry for data on steel 3) Banco Nationale di Prova for the amount of tested rifles and pistols. Obviously the data collected by other bodies and institutions are to be considered aggregate and exhaustive for the concerned sector.
Eurostat type of process classification Price and other economic index process
First production year 1928
Questionnaire Mod. ISTAT - Prodmens since 31/01/2007
Replacing [S] - Iron and steel production