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[S] - Separation of spouses
Description Every year ISTAT publishes the main results of its surveys of separations and divorces conducted at the registries of the civil courts, collecting data concerning every single procedure which was concluded in judicial terms during the reference year. Since 2013 data on separation and divorces are estimated by exploiting both the Istat surveys and the information collected by the competent courts and published by the Ministry of Justice. As a consequence of the introduction of the extrajudicial agreements for consensual separations and divorces, in 2015 for the first year Istat disseminates data collected with a new information flow created with the civil registrar offices. These new data refer in particular to the two new cases introduced for those who intend to separate by mutual consent as an alternative to the traditional ratification by the court: lawyer assisted negotiation (art. 6); agreement before the civil registrar in the absence of patrimonial issues and underage children, or adult children who are legally incompetent, severely handicapped or not economically self-sufficient (Art. 12). These data make it possible to update trends in the two phenomena over time and monitor their main characteristics: the duration of marriages and the age of spouses upon separation, the type and duration of proceedings, the number of children involved and custody of minors.
Eurostat type of process classification Statistical process using administrative source
First production year 1969
Questionnaire ISTAT M.252 Ediz. 2020 since 31/12/2019
ISTAT SC.6sd e SC.12sd Ediz. 2018 since 31/12/2017