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[S] - OROS Survey (Employment, earnings and social security contributions)
Phases of the production process (Phase and operation thesaurus)  (Report of phases and operations)
Operations, quality control actions and generalised software (Quality control action thesaurus)
Data processing 
The provisional quarterly indexes can be revised three times until the final version is released after one year from the reference quarter. Revisions are published in order to include more updated information available between the preliminary and the final release. Revisions are affected by: the availability of more complete and update administrative data and structural data on the survey units, revisions in the Large enterprises survey data, quarterly integrated in the OROS indicators, occasional revisions in the estimation methodology
Processing data undergoing a revision policy 
 Processing indexes undergoing a revision policy (since 31/03/1996) 
Processing methods 
 Use of seasonal adjustment procedures (since 31/03/1996) 
 Estimate calculation (since 31/03/1996)